If you blink, you might just miss me saying I care about cows' rights. — Smomu
Love Song
    The world may see you differently because it has hardened eyes, but when I look at you I see a radiant prize.  You’re beautiful and wonderful and sweet, if only to me.  And I would give my life if only that you’d see.

    I’m not like anyone you’ll meet here, I have a different view.  And I sometimes I wonder if you’re like me too.  Because I see the love in your eyes and the wonder hidden in your smile.  And I hear in your voice a truth that’s never told.  So why is it that I can’t have you to hold?

    People judge based on things that they can see but when my eyes search you they find beauty.  The world may not ever love you but that’s ok because you can run to people who do.  I will never shut my door when it’s you knocking.  And I know with every word the boat I am rocking.  It’s a risk I wanna’ take because I’ve had enough of playing it safe.

    I’m not like anyone you’ll meet here, I have a different view.  And I sometimes I wonder if you’re like me too.  Because I see the love in your eyes and the wonder hidden in your smile.  And I hear in your voice a truth that’s never told.  So why is it that I can’t have you to hold?

    I guess I can’t not say it.  I know your waiting to hear the words I was always to afraid to whisper in your ear.  So I don’t have a way to not say what I know will make you cry.  I just don’t want to mess up things that I set.  Because I always hate it when I do.  But, since you’re almost his I guess there is no harm in telling you what’s on my heart.  So listen and do not be surprised when I say I love you.

    I’m not like anyone you’ll meet here, I have a different view.  And I sometimes I wonder if you’re like me too.  Because I see the love in your eyes and the wonder hidden in your smile.  And I hear in your voice a truth that’s never told.  So why is it that I can’t have you to hold?

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Desert Madness
    I am so tired, I am so cold, I am so weary, is there a hand to hold?  I walk this dark road alone, just me, my mind, and my soul.  My eyes are getting heavy and I am weak in the knees, this load I have to carry is getting too heavy for me.  I guess this is what dying feels like, or is it just another degree of pain?  I don’t know, but each day feels the same.  My skin is rough, my arms are bone, my voice has such a bitter tone and my hair is gray before it’s time, what happened to this life of mine?

    I stand and stand alone, or is it not true that when you are surrounded, you feel a little used.  So I’d rather stand alone if this is all I have; I want to go home, but home is just too sad.  And there is no need to bring back what makes me mad.  My body is tired and my flesh is so weak I can barely move, I can barely speak.  A fever grips me tightly, death’s cold hand I feel touching me so lightly I plead let this not be real.  I want to wake up now I want out of this dream.  I don’t want this life, for it is not all it once seemed.

    At first it was sweet freedom, now the mood has changed.  Now that I want to go back to my life it seems nothing will ever be the same.  My body hungers and begs for food.  My throat is so dry I drink muddy water just to sooth the never ending burning that comes from within, but the water churns and up it comes again.  My tattered rags are shredded and the cold wind blows.  Winter is here upon me, will anyone ever know?

    I want to scream I want to cry, I want to run away.  Better yet let this never ending darkness turn into eternal day.  Let the sun come here and warm me, smiling on my face.  Let me feel summer in all its glory since today seems to be my last day.  I clench my teeth and try to struggle on.  I hope I will soon find hope or at least some food, but everywhere I go I feel so confused.  My head is spinning my eyes are filled with pain.  I want to get away for I’m going insane.  It’s finally happened, says the vulture to his friend.  And now they make the best of me, what a way for my world to end.

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When You Need Me
    When you need me, when you are grieving, when you just can’t take the pain, when the visions of life deceive you, when your dreams don’t work out the right way—I will be there to catch you when you fall.     When nothing you do is good enough, when the world is being way too tough, when the problems are greater than you can solve, when you keep losing your resolve, when the one you love walks away, when your tender heart begins to break—I will be there to love you when it does.

    When you lose your job, when you look like a slob, when your parents won’t listen, when you’re really missing being young, when you don’t know what to do, when every plan is falling through—I will be there for you.

    When you get ridiculed, when you just can’t make it through, when you can’t see the light at the end, when you feel like all your friends are faking it, when you cry all night, when you can’t seem to do anything but lie, when you think your life is through—I will hold you and shoulder the pain.

    When your time comes, when you are weak, when you don’t know whether you’re awake or asleep, when you cry because you have to leave, when you think you just can’t let go, when you want someone to dance with close and slow, when you are really old—I will be dancing with you.     I will always be here, I will always love, I will never leave not even once, I will dream of you till I can’t dream any more, I will always care, I will always stand where you are, because that’s what I want to do, just be here with you, every moment of every day, I want you to be able to say you are loved, you are loved—because it’s completely true, I am in love with you.

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Thoughts of the Day
Some Good Things to Know

1.  If you set yourself a task and you don’t quit, eventually you will be successful.  You don’t need to stress out about how you are going to get from point A to point B.  All you really need to do is have faith in yourself and know that you can do whatever you set out to do, no matter how difficult it looks or feels at the start.

2.  Sleeping is the key to a good high school career.  Staying up until one or two a.m. to cram for a test or finish homework might be ok once in a while, but in general, you should go to sleep earlier.  I know this from experience.  If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re probably not going to be at full potential the next day.

3.  Study, study, study!  I now that when you have seven classes with two papers each and a few assignments plus chores from your loving parents (or the demonic psychopaths you have to call Mommy and Daddy) you might get a little stressed.  With a few hours of studying each day, however, your life can be ten times easier—you’ll do better on tests and you won’t have to work as hard to make good grades.  Of course, it sucks that my parents and teachers were right about that.  Really.

Tips For Dealing with Personal Issues

1.  Don’t give up on yourself, no matter what you are going through.  There is never a situation where there is no hope.  Just because you don’t see the light doesn’t mean it’s not there.  It just means you are going to have to look a little harder to see it.

2.  Don’t lie to yourself.  If you are in trouble or if you are over your head in something, ask for help.  Do not deny reality or pretend things are better than they are.  I know it’s hard sometimes to accept that things can be better or that they will actually be better.  Asking for help is step-one in solving any problem or reducing pain.  Don’t go it alone, ask for help.  It works.

3.  Don’t lash out at your friends when they tell you what’s wrong or when they offer help.  Sometimes a friend’s hand is just what you need.  Sometimes a hug or an invitation to an evening out can change everything.  

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Bleak Tides
    Painting worlds with your words, deepening the hurt.  Wishing all my joys away.  Your nails cut into my skin and what once felt so good now brings my rage.  I feel like a trapped animal abused and tormented kept in a love-affair cage.  And I want to give in to the wildness, but my bleeding heart is just too ashamed.  So I hide my face and list my dismay in front of the world that I should blame.

    I walk alone in silence, my tattered clothes offering up my only comfort here.  I long for arms to keep me warm and safe from things I fear.  My own skin is far too worn and chapped to keep out the wind, but I dare not accept your invitation to come in.  For you are like the great spider and I am no fly.  So forgive me, but your sweet offer I must calmly deny.

    You question me and I say nothing.  You beat me and I do not scream.  You push me and then you say you love me.  What am I to see?  My eyes run rivers into the sun, which questions my internal fire.  And my lips cracked with lustful desire fuel the angry hate, and admiration of suffering pain.  Guilt is my only hope, for without that, I will hang from your dress’s velvet rope.

    Sometimes I wonder the strangest things, like, if I were on fire, would you put me out or just leave me to burn.  I can’t believe you set me free so you could mourn.  I watch you weep and my heart sinks.  I know tomorrow will be another scene.  So I breathe my last breath, grab onto the night and leap from the top of the Empire State of glass, broken glass.  My worthless wings like moth-stone-creatures break tenderly as I fall to my pitiful fate.

    Glory is no longer yours, Oh, Great One.  I have come and brought with me the shield of love.  You want to fight with me and drive all away so you can hunt my weakness, turn my night to day.  The sun will not help you crush me for now white robes I wear.  The blackness has left me and I am no longer yours to bear.  My ring is my name and with that boast I show you the pearls of my wisdom, which the goal of my heart knows not.  But I will not die until you too are ripped apart.

    Silent sleeper hear my word, I am coming for you.  Oh, Dear One, Queen of this land, know you have met your match.  My blood is clean like acid oil and your tears do not cancel my red stained serenaded toils.  Instead, the sparks trigger my crazy-gene and bring down upon your head the towers built by me.  Brick by brick they crush your face.  And inch by inch they cleanse the land of your sinister games.  Oh sweet glory, I am safe.

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